Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

Be Smart When Planning Commercial Borrowing

It is a pleasure for us to shepherd the lending process for care providing entities.  This includes writing business plans, acting as the borrower’s agent with lenders and more.  We take pride in the detail associated with bringing a business that provides care to life on paper. Thanks to our experience we are also quick…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

Customization is the Best Approach for State Governments

One of the specialties of Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. is the customization of training services for state and provincial governments.  There are indeed great advantages.  For one, a state or provincial government can create uniformity.  This means every worker in a certain category is receiving the same training or has access to…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

The Role of the Social Worker in the CORF

The Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility or CORF is a remarkably effective way to serve the entire person.  It is becoming a real staple in adult day programs.  Operating with a well-developed, physician monitored Treatment Plan, a CORF can provide the ongoing services of: Physicians Nurses Clinical Social Workers Occupational Therapists Physical Therapists Respiratory Therapists Speech…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

A Fatal Mistake to Avoid in Home Care

Millions of American need care in their homes.  Some are battling Alzheimer’s disease and/or a related dementia while others are dealing with medical fragility from other causes including catastrophic injury.  People need help at home! Home care companies – some skilled, some unskilled and some with departments for both – help to assure that those…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

Weigh All Sides of Franchise Opportunities….

Franchise opportunities abound, including in long-term care. We have them for home care, adult day care and assisted living. Some are a bit more seasoned, having served the business community for years while others are more embryonic, still finding their way. If you are considering a franchise opportunity in care, you need to make sure…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.

Customization is Everything in Training….

If there exists any business category where the “one size fits all” mantra does not apply it is in the category of training or people development.  Training, especially in long-term care, considers: Laws, statutes and administrative rules Needs of the community Language consideration Learning abilities of product users It is for this reason that in…

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