directcare-products-From here you can access our on-line store and find products designed for where you live and your business model. Our continuing education and pre-hire training items are designed to promote both clinical competence and operational excellence. Many have been written not to impress you with words but to allow you to benefit from the experience of those who have managed business models just like yours for decades.

You may purchase an individual course for one person or utilize an annual subscription and have access to our products to train as many persons as you need to. With staff turnover this can be a real cost-saver.

Our courses are delivered in three, (3) formats:

Printed Self-Study – We send you a PDF of the course, you complete and return the review questions for validation of completion

On-Line School – All of our courses are available to be taken on-line at a pace you can work with

Live Events – We conduct live on-line and in-person events throughout the year and all of our clients are advised well in advance

Pre-Recorded – We have pre-recorded audio visual courses for you to plug in the earphones and enjoy and benefit from at your leisure.

All are packed with the valuable, time-tested experience of our course developers.

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