Care Coordination

Care Coordination With a Special Focus on Training & Care Provider Preparedness

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. is a boutique style and specialty care management firm.   We serve those with special circumstances including chronic illness, catastrophic injury and lengthy behavioral/psychotic histories where there might be a problematic family dynamic, long-term reimbursement issues often associated with Michigan assigned claims or serious behavioral dilemmas.

We specialize in catastrophic injury associated with work and auto accidents, especially where there are serious resulting external wounds.  We have no interest in the politics that come with long-term care arrangements, nor the greed that dominates so many providers of care.  We simply want to be a responsible and reliable partner who ensures that injured parties have access to and familiarity with needed resources to promote recovery.

In addition, we act as a clearinghouse for larger assisted living providers and nursing homes who have residents/patients who can no longer afford your community rates. We work at no cost to families and long-term care recipients to introduce those requiring long-term care and their representatives to other long-term care resources.

We also invest into educating families and care providers on every nuance associated with rendering care to a catastrophically injured person. We actually visit patient homes to train in proper and safe transfer and ambulation, medication management, safe and dignified personal care and more.

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We are also proud of or work on behalf of insurers and state established claims associations to assist in surveying commercial attendant care, residential care and other services and reporting on program similarities and what constitutes usual and customary rates.  Insurers who would like to view a sample report should send an email to:  Your email address must be one assigned by your employer.

Our team includes a registered nurse, 2 medical social workers and an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.

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