Ok so you own and manage an adult day care program, or perhaps its a small group home or even a larger assisted living program. Or perhaps it’s a case management practice. You employ people who render care, who market or who help maintain the facility or oversee someone’s care arrangements.

All of these people need one thing from you and it’s called Quality Leadership. The question is what are the most important ways Quality Leadership can be demonstrated? Believe it or not, this leadership is most noticeable in the smaller things and you give attention to the smaller things by your example. So, ask yourself:

How dirty is the welcome mat when guests walk into our place of business?

Do I care enough about how my behavior affects those whom I pay, that I pay attention to the value of presentation?

How much have I visibly invested into team member development and training? Are members of my team excited in anticipation about what I may be planning to contribute to their job preparedness?

Do I demonstrate a collegial or partnership approach to working with others or do my subordinates see me as paranoid, insecure, dictatorial or lacking in relationship building skills?

It’s up to us an individuals. We can lead and prosper or somewhat lead and just drag along.

Penny for your thoughts.